Ambient lighting

When you want to get your kitchen remodeled it is necessary to consider all the lighting changes that may be thrown around in your new kitchen’s layout. For instance, your new cabinets may have different dimensions than your old cabinets. Perhaps the old lighting worked with the overhead light fixtures but now the cabinets are too big and the light is unable to spill into the now dark crevices. You want lighting on the underside of your cabinets and maybe some rearranged overhead lights so that an even balance of light is striking each part of your kitchen. It looks bad to have dark splotches all over your kitchen. You have to plan ahead in order to avoid it! The following excerpt is from Sam Clark’s book Remodeling Your Kitchen.

“In many older homes, most ambient light is provided by ceiling-mounted Globe fixtures of some sort. This is awesome still the most economical way to provide ambient lighting, particularly if you can use the existing wiring locations.

Recessed lights are increasing my used to provide General lighting. However, since they tend to focus a cone of light below the fixture, you may need several of them to brightness base that could be lit with one or two ceiling fixtures. You could just blast a space with enough ceilings lights or recessed lights to make the whole place bright. But it’s better to tailor the lighting to the differences in how various areas are used. I like to use sconces in the stairwell, along a passage, or beside an entrance Door. A sconce also works well to highlight a painting or other decorative feature. Hanging light or pendant of some kind – or more than 1 – makes a dining table cozy. Lamps controlled by two switches can provide a milder, more intimate, and less harsh light than would be provided by ceiling lights recessed fixtures. Lighting design tool, just like color, natural light, and various material choices. Use it to awfully to add variety and interest to design.

Task lighting usually has to be brighter and more focused and ambient lighting. You want your counters, appliances, writing services, another work area is bright enough so you can see easill what you are doing. Locate the light source where no shows will be cast on a work Surface by upper cabinets, shelves, or equipment (hoods, for example) or by your own body as you see the counter. With my floor plan before me, I visualize myself working at each workstation, and then try to imagine the possible places of like could go to eliminate my work. This is the easiest when I kitchen is relatively small are open and there are few upper cabinets are other projections. In that case, two or three wall or ceiling fixtures maybe all that is needed to light the work services. But often they will be upper cabinets that will make such solutions unworkable.”

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