Softwood flooring

Choose the best flooring option when you get your kitchen remodeled. Do not go with vinyl or something crazy but consider all your options. How about softwood flooring? It’s lightweight, decently cheap, and will last a long time. Plus it looks great! Don’t just go to the store and buy the first flooring option that pops off the page. Hunt around a little bit more. Get the color and style that is just perfect for your family’s needs. And while you are at it, look at trim board and drywall style so that everything matches perfectly. Here’s more information from Sam Clark’s book Remodeling Your Kitchen:

“Why we think of softwood flooring as being less dents in hardwood flooring, The term soft would really refers to the fact that the tree from which the wood comes is coniferous rather than deciduous. If you softwoods particularly heartpine are as hard as some true Hardwoods. Yellow pine is a widely used soft wood of intermediate hardness. But most softwoods, like eastern white pine probably the most common softwood flooring, are much more subject to denting and we’re than a hardwood floor. Pine board floors are a good low-cost alternative to hardwood strip flooring, as long as you’re willing to live with their disadvantages. The Wider boards typically one by eights or one by tens, though even wider boards may be available from local sawmills in rural areas install quickly either with nails or screws. A wide pine floor can’t being blind nailed like strip flooring. It has to be nailed through its face. What you can make a virtue of this by using cut nails, and old fashioned male with a square head that can be left exposed. It’s also standard practice to screw down a pine floor and plug the counter board screw holes with wood plugs. But besides being prone to Denton, the finish on a softwood floor won’t stand up as long as you are we in high traffic areas like at the sink. That means refinishing the floor perhaps every two years, requiring that people take their shoes off and they come in, or simply reclassifying the whereas patina to be enjoyed.

Also, because Pine is less stable than oak or Maple and because the boards are wider, these floors have a significant shrinkage problem. It’s Not Unusual to see a pine floor with 1 by 4 in wide cracks between the boards in the winter. It’s essential dry pine flooring carefully before installing it by stickering the wood, which means stacking carefully and heat space with narrow wood strips separating the roads to maximize airflow but he nearby and a fan blowing air on the wood are dried Pine boards will become really dry in a few weeks time. If your wood is quite dry and the boards are wide you are installing your floor during the dry heating season, you may want to leave a coins thickness of space every few courses to allow for summer expansion.” 

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