New hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is different than softwood flooring. It tends to be sturdier over a longer period of time. It is also different than slate flooring or tile in that it still has that oak-flavor to it. Tile tends to be cold to stand on in the mornings while a nice wood floor almost has a life of its own. Your kitchen remodel should start with a new floor. Most remodels start with a fresh floor. Additionally, tile or vinyl flooring has a very constant, checkered look to it while a nice, crisp wood floor can have just the right amount of motion and fluidity to it as far as looks go. Consider using a hardwood floor for your next project. The book Remodeling Your Kitchen has more good information about hardwood flooring in this excerpt:

“Hardwood such as Oak, Maple, and Birch and now even tropical species make great flooring. They are beautiful, tough, somewhat flexible, easy to work with, repairable, and refinish a book. Traditional strip flooring most commonly comes in a 1 by 3 tongue-and-groove format and is usually end matched, which means at the end of the pieces are tongue-and-groove also.

Strip flooring isn’t difficult to install. It’s simply blind nails through the tongue to the subfloor, with the groove with the next piece covering the nails. Until recently, this mailing has been done with the flooring nailer is driven by a rubber tip Sledge. Lacking the nailer with the Sledge drives the piece into position as it secures it. Today, pneumatic flooring nailers make this process much easier. They may be available from tool rental places or from your flooring supplier, although many Fender still offer only the older type machines. If you are able to find a Pneumatic model, you also will need to rent a compressor. Wood strip flooring is usually put down in straight rows throughout the whole room, but it also can be put down in a herringbone or parkett pattern, and it can have worn it borders in contrasting species. Of course, these patterns require far more labor, and there’s also more material waste. Once the floor is laid, it will need to be sanded and finished. My preference is to use at least three coats of an oil based polyurethane floor varnish. The water based polyurethane is that I am familiar with did not seem to be as terrible as oil-based and not nearly as a resistance to abrasion and staining, although there are good to part water-based products used in commercial applications.

In addition to traditional solid hardwood strip flooring, there are new types of flooring the feature thinner formats using for years of more exotic woods they are also our wood flooring systems that attach together with special clips that allow the Florida float over at subfloor, which is useful when the floor is being installed over a slab.”

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