Stone and masonry counters

There are so many beautiful ways to incorporate stone and masonry counters in your kitchen. Gone are the days of wooden countertops. Here to stay are the beautiful stone countertops mixed with your new appliances and flashy floor plan. It is important to get the style right when you install a new stone countertop. While it is definitely trendier and looks better, it can be easy to mess up if done poorly. Consider going with a great contractor who has experience in this field. There are many important differences between stone and masonry counters. Not all of them are necessarily relevant to your remodel job. Here to talk more about the remodeling process in relation to stone and masonry counters is Sam Clark and his book entitled: Remodeling Your Kitchen. There is plenty to learn from Mr. Clark..

“Granite has many virtues as a counter and is currently very popular. It’s extremely durable, stain resistant, and heat proof. It stays cold, which is great for rolling out pastry. It’s also the most expensive of the currently common tops, unless you can scrounge a used piece and adapter designed to it. It also can be used as an insert in other counters. Marble is softer and more porous than granite, but otherwise it has many of the same advantages. It just won’t say as pristine as a polished piece of granite. Slate also is sometimes used for counters. Countertops made of granite, marble, or slate are usually made by local Stone Fabricators, who will have a large selection of samples for you to look at. The cost of the countertop will vary greatly depending on the stone chosen. unless the counter is extremely simple, the fabricator will come to your site after the cabinets are in place, make a full scale template, fabricate the counter, and install it. In addition to Natural Stone there also is increasing interest in counters made of concrete. In fact this is becoming a new kitchen specialty. These counters can be cast in place after the cabinets are built, which can be a mess, or built elsewhere, which may require sections to be joined on site. The materials are inexpensive, but fabrication is not. The Finish counters can be surprisingly there in color and texture. They also are tough and heat proof, though their subjects saying it should be sealed. The Condors in the photo at left and in the top photo our material known as fire sleep to which is essentially the same material as the counter senior high school chemistry lab. It’s a proprietary product made with Portland cement. It comes in black, gray, or a lovely green. It’s hard and tough, but not nearly as hard as Granite. For that reason, it’s relatively easy to sand cut, and machine with ordinary tools it also has to be sealed with a special sealer, then finished with tung oil. It’s less costly than granite or solid surface counters.”

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