Kitchen Remodel: Building an Island into your New Kitchen

Construction is in the air! If you’re like me, you are in the mood for a construction project. Maybe you’ve been planning one for a long time and just did not have the money until now. Or maybe you have had the money for years but never knew what exactly you should spend it on. Whatever the reason, adding an island into your home for your next kitchen remodel project is a fabulous idea, and here is why.

Super Convenient for Cooking

There are several reasons why adding an island onto your kitchen remodel is a grand idea. First of all, if your kitchen has limited counter space, a kitchen island can be just what your cooking area needs to take some pressure off your shoulders while cooking. An island can be any size or shape necessary to best fit your kitchen. It can even be at varying heights so that different people can benefit from the same structure. However you decide to add one, it will benefit everyone in the kitchen who uses the pots and pans.

It Looks Great!

Here is another reason to get an island installed: it is perfect for making your home a better hangout spot. The best part about islands is that you can design them however you want. What was empty space can be turned into a useful, great looking, and stationary barstool table for guests to spend time with while you cook. It is the perfect way to round out a kitchen. You can be working at the stove while your guests enjoy drinks on their stools underneath a well-lit island. Not only does it make cooking easier, but it could give you the ability to move the dining area into another room. Or you could just eat dinner on stools at the island. There are so many possibilities. The fun is finding the best use for your family needs.

Perfect for Organization!

However, the very best use for an island is its ability to revolutionize your kitchen organization. While before, your kitchen supplies were spread all around the edges of your kitchen in all the nooks and crannies, now you have a quaint, handy island that can store all of your most used kitchen utensils in the center of the kitchen. Consider the possibilities of having a cutting board cabinet, towels, pots and pans, knives, and silverware in the island, where they will be used the most, while still being able to keep your other, less used items in the pre-existing kitchen. Get creative with it. Add a sink into it, add some flowers in the center, a fruit bowl, or both! After all, it is your kitchen.

Call us Today!

Consider adding an island into your kitchen during your remodel. It may just be your new favorite centerpiece to your new kitchen. And do not forget to call Al’s New Kitchen Remodel at 734-404-7744. We take pride in making your new kitchen remodel a dream come true.