Frameless and custom cabinets

There are many different ways to put in cabinets. Steer clear of the bad ones and go with what works. Here is an excerpt from Sam Clark’s book Remodeling Your Kitchen. Learn as much as you can from it.

“After World War II, European manufacturers faced with the fasting market for cabinets, developed Innovative system that is now known as the European, frameless, 32 millimeter system.

It’s a simple, elegant design. The Box, even on more expensive Brands, is typically 5/8 of an inch thick particle board faced with melamine, wood veneers, or plastic laminate. There is no face frame. Instead, the particle board is edged with a veneer to match the face finish. Inside, each cabinet side as a series of holes, 32 mm on center. Drawer Hardware, accessories, and shelf supports all are designed to fit these holes, making manufacturing, assembly, and installation quite simple. The doors and drawer fronts cover the edge of the box. When close, these fronts are all you see. Are standard cabinets normally have to be shim door trim to the bottom for a level installation, frameless cabinets are sometimes supported on and leveled with adjustable, threaded legs. The kickboard simply Clips to be suggesting legs. Upper cabinets typically hang from a metal hanger, which it also has a built-in provision for adjustment at one time, frameless cabinets were available only from extremely expensive European manufacturers. Today, many domestic manufacturers and cabinet makers Market their own versions of frameless cabinets in the range of prices and qualities. The differences between the face frame and frameless cabinets now are largely matters of taste rather than price or quality.

Well you can buy what are called custom cabinets from a home center or kitchen showroom cab, cabinets also can be individually Made For You by a cabinet maker or small shop. These shops are really the expression of the tastes, skills, and resources of their owners, so you’ll have to do some research to find out what is available in your area. Some custom shops make having similar to those offered at kitchen showrooms. Others have developed their own variation of these common themes. Still others have been to their own Styles, producing cabinets that look very different from commercial products. Finally there are shops that work in a variety of styles and we’ll build cabins to almost any design you bring them. Whichever is the case in your area, cabinetmaking shops offer services that don’t usually come with factory made products. First, since the shop is small and your product project is important to them, you’ll get a lot of personal attention. Off and you will be dealing directly with the individual who will build and install your cabinets second the specifications available to you should be more varied. It is relatively easy for a small shop to make your cabinets to inches higher, lower, or deeper than standard. Unusual drawer sizes especially shape units, open shelves, Audrey cabinets, or an unusual choice or combination of materials will be no problem; small shops deal with such requests every day.”

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