Design considerations for Heating and air conditioning

A good design for air conditioning is essential for your kitchen. Planning ahead poorly and getting a poorly ventilated kitchen can make it quite annoying to be cooking in. Here is a good snippet from the book Remodeling Your Kitchen

“Design considerations for heating and air conditioning many kitchen projects will require some modifications to the heating system, as walls are removed, space added, or cabinets installed where Heating and possibly air conditioning is now located. The task at this stage of design is to arrive at possible solutions. Unless you were doing the work yourself, go over the details with a heating and air conditioning contractor. Most types of central heat and air conditioning can be modified to reflect your new layout. Hot water baseboard convectors or radiator can usually be relocated without great cost if there’s work of a way to reroute the pipes. Similarly, it’s not too hard to relocate forced air duct work, again provided there is a route for the Ducks to follow. Ducks or pipe should be routed through insulated spaces. I avoid putting either in outside walls. Radiators, hydronic convectors, and hot air duct Outlets are usually located on outside walls. That’s where the heat loss is. Also, the warm air at the perimeter Rises and displaces the cold air, creating a more even temperature in the room. Your new cabinets we can make it difficult to place conventional radiators or confectioners in hydronic heat systems. In that case, I use kick heaters, which are incorporated into one’s own of the heating system. Instead of a long run of baseboard, a kick heater has several lengths of “thin tube” and quote coil together in a small box that fits under a cabinet. An electric fan blows warm air into the room.In a similar way, heating and air conditioning ducts can simply be run under the cabinet and exit through a register in the toe kick. The problem becomes more complex when you are heading to the size or heat load of the space or sending service a long way. Air ducts are less effective the longer they are, and there are limits to how much baseboard heat can be included effectively in 1 Loop or zone of the system. You have to add another Zone to a hydraulic system. This is the point where the advice of a heating contractor will be need it. Instead of trying to figure out how to supply more heat, sometimes it makes sense to approach the problem from the other direction. Old houses often lose a lot of heat because of drafts, and adequate insulation, and poor Windows. If you insulate the walls, install Quality Windows and Doors, and CEO of air infiltration routes, you may reduce heat loss by a large margin. In fact, often you can add significant new space and increase the number of Windows, yet still rude the total heat load too, because your new work is so much more energy efficient. Existing to buy for exterior walls can be built out to make room for thicker 6 in insulation. Such changes may be cheaper than upgrading your heating plant and will save heating cost every year.”
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