Solid surface and stainless steel counters

When I think of stainless steel countertops I think of industrial kitchens and high volume/high turnover restaurants. These are not necessarily countertops that will look good in your home kitchen but they are countertops that will be very sturdy and easy to clean and keep in working condition. A stone countertop might not be as good for your restaurant while a perfectly flat, wipeable table is just what your employees need. No matter the kitchen remodel, we always recommend what we think would be best for the consumer:aka, you! We want your best interests at heart. Consider these words from Sam Clark’s book Remodeling Your Kitchen and take them to heart when you are remodeling your kitchen. Whether it’s a commercial kitchen or not.

“Solid surface counters, such as Cory and Gibraltar and avonite, are just plastic acrylic polyester, or a combination of the two. A very expensive materials, but in some ways they make almost perfect countertops. They the same substance all the way through, like wood, and can machine almost like wood their work with ordinary, carbide-tipped woodworking tools and drainboard can be routed into the surface, and the edges can be decorated with various profiles. Pieces can be bonded and visibly. Sinks at the same material can be joined directly, seamlessly, and permanently to the counter. Scratches can be sanded out. These surfaces are also resistant to stains and heat and are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Solid surface countertops are typically expensive, costing several times more than equivalent laminate countertops. In addition, while the materials aren’t that difficult to work with, they are difficult to buy in sheet form unless you are a certified applicator.

Stainless steel is tough, he proved, and impervious to water. It doesn’t stain and is very easy to clean. It can be fabricated into almost any configuration, then sinks and backsplashes can readily be integrated into the counter. All those stainless steel kind of expensive, installation is a snap, which perhaps recoup some of the cost. After wood, it’s my favorite top.

Stainless steel is fabricated in a metal shops. The metal is bent on a huge, computer operated folding machine, and welded at the joints. If you’re planning a stainless steel counter, make a very detailed drawing because the cost will depend on the number of cuts, folds, and weld required. Also, be sure to discuss the type of stainless, look at samples of the Finish is available, discuss those, too, with a supplier. Although stainless is stiff, it is usually installed over a full plywood substrate for support.”

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