Consider These Things before Your New Kitchen Remodel

               Remodeling your kitchen can be a daunting task. It can cost a lot of money, it can be difficult to find a great company, and it takes a lot of time too! When you decide to perform your kitchen remodel, there are lots of details that should be considered before you begin construction. It is so important to be happy with not only the finished product of your kitchen remodel, but also the service and the process of the whole ordeal. Let’s dive right in.

Don’t Change your Mind!

               Here are just a couple little things to consider before work begins. One tip is to make sure that all of your cabinets, appliances, and tools have arrived at the house before you begin work. This way, you avoid delays with the workers you hire and it discourages you from changing your mind about the design you have decided to go with. Because changing your mind about a kitchen remodel mid-project can be expensive. Save yourself some time and money and just wait for all the equipment to arrive before you start your new kitchen remodel.

Island Dimensions

               Another thing to think about it is dimensions in the kitchen. Here is an important dimensions tip when considering designing your kitchen. If you are putting an island into your kitchen, it is important to not make it too big. A big island in the kitchen can constrict movement and can be annoying rather than helpful. Make sure you design your island somewhere from 3 to 10 feet long, and 26 to 48 inches wide. Your end decision should depend on the size of your kitchen. Finally, the height of your island should be at a comfortable level for work.


Another important design feature to consider involves appliances. You should have a good understanding of doors and the size of your appliances. You do not want to have your whole kitchen remodel finished, only to find that your closet door bumps awkwardly into your cabinets or refrigerator. A good way to remedy this problem is to have sliding doors built into your kitchen or just to be careful when you are measuring things before your kitchen remodel begins.

Project Schedule

One more thing to consider when preparing for your kitchen remodel is to understand that kitchen remodels take a lot of time. First and foremost, find a trustworthy contractor who you know will not delay work or back out of a job unnecessarily. Once you have your man, lay down a solid plan of attack so that your kitchen remodel gets done in phases on time. Perhaps you will schedule the demo and cabinet installation in the first week and then move on to the next phase a week later. Just make sure a month long project turns into half a year. A good contractor and schedule can save you this hassle.


Lighting can be a tricky subject to address in your kitchen remodel. Your old kitchen may not have needed extra lighting but you might not have even realized until now. Consider adding helpful lights under your hanging cabinets. These can help cut down on annoying shadows that interfere with your work space. Plus they can add a better feeling to the whole room. Imagine yourself cutting red peppers for omelets while enjoying the pleasant glow of your new lights underneath your cabinets.

These are all very helpful things to consider before you start your kitchen remodel project. Whether this is your first remodel project or your 50th, these are all helpful tips to consider before deciding on any project. We hope you are in the perfect position to make a wise decision concerning your home. Be sure to call us at 734-404-7744 for all your remodeling needs! We are always ready to help with design, budget, and estimation questions. Do not hesitate for a second. We are proud to serve everyone in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County. Al’s New Kitchen Remodel is here to help.